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Our San Diego Title Loans Are A Quick Cash Solution

In any financial emergency, the instant solution that enables you to take on the crisis is  having cash already available. However, most people do not have a sufficient savings to help during these times of needs. This forces people to turn to another source to find quick cash, such as banks and payday loans.  Bankers however, dig deeply into your credit history before they will even consider extending you a loan.  If your credit history is anything less than perfect, banks are often reluctant to finance you, leading to denials. Big Car Title Loans San Diego makes a huge difference to any person looking for a loan, because the loan makes it possible to access quick cash when an emergency arises.

We approve loans based on the equity  hidden in your vehicle. With a car title loan, your car is furnished as collateral, which entitles you to up to 65% of the car’s current resale value.  This is far more than what a payday lender hands out at significantly higher interest rates.


Interest rates charged by Big Car Title Loans San Diego are among the most competitive in the short term loan industry. With rates hovering below 35% APR, a customer gets quick access to a loan that is low risk and affordable.  The vehicle remains in the exclusive custody of the borrower for the duration of the loan.

What makes car title loans so superior is the customer friendly repayment schedule and the sheer flexibility of the repayment program. A client does not have to strain his finances to repay a car equity loan because the installments are matched to his actual income. This lays the groundwork for a default-free repayment path. In fact, what differentiates the car title loan from many of its competitors is the fact that customers invariably return to obtain new loans after promptly repaying their existing loan.

The real advantage of a car title loan, is its availability. If the chips are down and you need cash immediately to finance an urgent demand, a title loan will be there to lend you a helping hand and quick cash. It takes all of fifteen minutes to apply and all you need to bring is very basic documents that are always nearby – your driver’s license, proof of residence, proof of income and your lien-free car title.

The process of approving the loan on title of car San Diego is quick and simple. Most people have the cash in their hands within 24 hours.  So if you’re in need of quick cash to solve a financial emergency, contact Big Car Title Loans San Diego, right away!