How to get the best title loans in San Diego

If you are looking to get an auto title loan and live in or around San Diego, California you’ve come to the right place.  Big Car Title Loans of San Diego will help you get a vehicle collateral loan or pink slip loan quickly, effectively, and efficiently.

When you are looking to get an auto title loan here are the things you will need:

  • Proof of a monthly income of at least $1,200
  • A vehicle that qualifies for a minimum loan amount of at least approximately $2,510 or more.  This is according to the department of business oversight in California.
  • Full coverage insurance on your car, truck, motorcycle, crossover, or SUV.
  • Identification
  • The title itself
  • Personal references
  • Professional references
  • Pictures of the car
  • A vehicle with less than 200,000 miles on in in most cases–unless it has a diesel engine.  If it has a diesel engine then it may still qualify if it has over 200,000 miles.

A car title loan is just one loan option for people who have bad credit.

Getting a auto title loan in San Diego, California

The process will work as follows:

  1. You will call Big Car Title Loans in San Diego at


  2. Or fill out the application form here on Big Car Title Loans San Diego website.
  3. Have the make, mileage, model and other information handy about your vehicle.
  4. One of the representatives will take the time to answer your questions.
  5. You will then be informed if your vehicle qualifies for an auto title loan, and how much.
  6. A vehicle collateral loan is based on the equity in your car, truck, suv, or crossover.
  7. You will then have to send the required information to the lender.
  8. The lender will verify the information, and then be in touch with you after they verify information and make sure you and your vehicle qualify.

Car title loans: Allow freedom or chaos?

Recently the Republicans, in the Financial Choice Act have put in a provision that would give consumers more choice:  But some people argue that it isn’t about more choice, it’s about trapping people in an endless cycle.

Interestingly enough, the “American Bankers Association. submitted a report to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin last month calling for an end to the CFPB’s proposed payday-lending rules and seeking regulatory changes that would allow banks to issue their own payday loans.”


As usual, follow the money because banks charge insane amounts of “interest” on a bounced check.  Yes, they may be called “fees” but in practicality it is the same thing.

Alternatives to car title loans

Many people are often faced with the task of getting money quickly and efficiently.  In this article you will learn the Alternatives to car title loans.



Loan options for people with bad credit in San Diego

We’ve all been there before.  We’ve made on bad mistake and our credit has been hit hard.

nyone can experience the frustration of having less than perfect credit. One missed payment, spending too much on a credit card, or facing financial circumstances out of the blue that eat away your savings all have the potential to damage your credit.

Once bad credit hits, lenders and other creditors see you as a high-risk borrower, which means you may not be able to easily get a loan or credit card from a conventional lender when it’s needed most. Don’t worry, though! There are several loan options for bad credit when you know where to look.

First, talk to Friends or Family about Getting help.

It may not be comfortable to ask friends or family for help, but often times you can get the lowest interest rate by going to friends or family members.  Traditional lenders will generally have lower interest rates for people than other forms of borrowing, but they generally almost always want you to have good credit.  One option you can do is use a family member or friend to co-sign the loan.  But, keep in mind that if you default on the loan it will hurt the co-signer’s credit.

Car Title Loans in San Diego

One option if you need money quickly in San Diego, without having to get a co-signer, is getting a San Diego car title loan. Vehicle title loans provide many options for people with poor or bad credit, and by getting a car loan you can still keep driving your car or truck.

When getting a loan the lender will want to secure their loan with some sort of collateral to mitigate their risk in loaning you the money.  A vehicle, of course, must have enough equity in it to qualify for the car title loan.  The loan you can get depends on the amount of equity in your car, but in California the minimum loan amount you can get is $2,500 to a maximum of $50,000. Lenders will look at the market re-sale value of your car, SUV or pickup truck to determine how much the car is worth, and then loan you a percentage of the resale value.  Normally, you do not need to have good credit.

You can Check with a Credit Union

In a lot of cases, you can get money at a decent interest rate by going to a local credit union.  If you take the time to show that you have income, and are working to repay your bills they may have programs available for you.  Generally, credit unions are more apt to listen to your situation than a big bank like Chase in San Diego.

The good news is you are not out of luck.  Loan options for people with a poor credit history are available if you are able to secure a co-signer, work with a good car title lender in San Diego, or speak openly and honestly with your credit union.  Of course, before you take out any loan you should take time to review your budget and know that you can realistically afford the repayment.


Getting a Title Loan Without a Title in San Diego

Is Having the Title in your Possession Required to Get an Auto Title Loan?

Many times people have financial emergencies–nobody likes them–but it is a part of life.  No matter how hard you work, plan, and save there are sometimes emergencies that nobody can predict–medical bills, home repair bills, car repairs–the list goes on and on.  Short term loans can be a way to bridge the gap and get you the cash you need quickly, and one way to do that is by using a car title loan.  The benefits of a car title loan are that they generally don’t require good credit to borrow the money.  There also is not a complicated application process.  Many times, as long as you get the information to the lender, you can get the funds the same day…sometimes in as quickly as a few hours.  One thing to keep in mind, however, is that there are some requirements to qualify for a car title loan, and we can help you with what is required in San Diego and the the rest of California.

Financial emergencies come up more often than anyone appreciates, and at times, there simply isn’t

Title Loan Requirements for San Diego

First, you need a vehicle that qualifies.  In California, the minimum loan amount for an auto title loan is generally $2,500.  So, your car, truck, boat, RV, SUV, motorcycle–or whatever vehicle you decide to get the vehicle collateral loan in must have that much equity in it.  The lender will use your vehicle as collateral so you have to pay back the loan.  The lender will also place a lien on your vehicle, so it is important that you understand what a lien is.

When your car or truck or motorcycle has a lien on it, that means that the bank or financial institution that is loaning you money owns part or all of the vehicle.  This gives them permission to repossess your vehicle if you do not make on-time payments to the auto-title loan company.  Some pink slip loan lenders may offer you a loan that pays off your vehicle if it has an outstanding loan balance on it, but keep in mind that you generally will be going from a lower interest rate to a higher interest rate.

The other necessities that are required in getting an auto title loan include having full-coverage insurance on your vehicle, providing identification, proof of income, and also some professional and personal references.  The lender wants to make sure you are able to pay back your car title loan in San Diego because that is when they make the money.  Generally, you need to have an income of at least $1,200 to be able to qualify for a car title loan in California.  Why does the lender require that you have full-coverage insurance in place?  It’s quite simple:  They have a stake of “ownership” in your car and they are using your car as collateral, so if you were to get in an automobile wreck, the lender will want to get paid since they are on the title.

If you need quick cash give Big Car Title Loans a call today!  They will take the time to answer your questions.  Or, just click on the apply form and enter in your information so that you can be sure to get the money you need as quick as possible.


car title loans

Choose San Diego Title Loans For Quick Cash

Auto Title Loans in San Diego That Are Affordable

If you have ever looked for a title loan provider there are likely certain requirements you look for. These requirements may include a fast approval time and getting your cash fast. In addition, you should be looking for a loan that is affordable to you, meaning that you can actually afford to repay it.

Most times borrowers have a hard time finding a loan that suits their needs and end up taking the quickest loan they can get, even if it isn’t the most suitable. Here at Big Car Title Loans San Diego we aim to change that. We work with a variety of lenders so you can get the perfect loan for your needs.

Why Choose A Title Loan Over Alternative Loan Options

Banks typically offer loan that can be quite expensive, take lots of time to complete the paperwork and don’t always meet the needs of the borrower. Payday loans can help you get quick cash but they typically end up costing the borrower more in the end. Not to mention you don’t typically get very long to repay the loan. So not only are you paying an outrageous amount to repay the loan on time, you are at risk for enduring further financial stress.

car-moneyHere at Big Car Title Loans San Diego we work hard to satisfy your needs.

  • We have an easy and quick application process.
  • We can help you get cash within 24 hours.
  • We offer affordable repayment plans.

You have more than a month to repay your loan so you aren’t left in worse financial despair once your loan is repaid. Our San Diego car title loans are designed to be beneficial to our borrowers.

More About Auto Title Loans in San Diego

Car title loans have come a long way and it has helped lenders, like ourselves, offer helpful loans structured to be more ideal for everyday borrowers. Having flexibility in your repayment plan can be a really big help. Obviously, there are requirements to qualifying for an auto title loan and if you can’t afford the repayments, we won’t loan to you. That, however, won’t be the case for other lenders who are simply after the profit.

Offering Affordable San Diego Title Loans to Residents

Big Car Title Loans San Diego has worked hard to provide the most affordable loans possible to borrowers. We can approve your loan quickly. Many times, we can have the cash in your possession within 24 hours. We believe that it’s important to provide a service you can actually use and we’re very careful to only loan to borrowers who can afford to repay it. If you cannot afford to repay your loan you probably shouldn’t get one.

Alternative to Title Loans In Times of Financial Need

If you do find yourself strapped for cash and aren’t sure what to do consider your alternatives. You could take a personal loan from a relative, use a credit card for the expense, ask for an advance or even take it out of your savings.

If it’s a bill that you need to pay or a similar expense you could see about payment arrangements so that you can pay a certain amount each week or month until it’s paid in full. Many places (including creditors) will work with you to arrange a better payment system. After all, they would prefer to negotiate and still get their money then receive nothing at all.

Apply for a San Diego Auto Title Loan Today!

If you are in the middle of a financial crisis, let Big Car Title Loans San Diego help you get back on your feet. Call (619) 345-5870 right now or use the online application to find out if you qualify.

Quick Cash With Big Car Title Loans San Diego

Our San Diego Title Loans Are A Quick Cash Solution

In any financial emergency, the instant solution that enables you to take on the crisis is  having cash already available. However, most people do not have a sufficient savings to help during these times of needs. This forces people to turn to another source to find quick cash, such as banks and payday loans.  Bankers however, dig deeply into your credit history before they will even consider extending you a loan.  If your credit history is anything less than perfect, banks are often reluctant to finance you, leading to denials. Big Car Title Loans San Diego makes a huge difference to any person looking for a loan, because the loan makes it possible to access quick cash when an emergency arises.

We approve loans based on the equity  hidden in your vehicle. With a car title loan, your car is furnished as collateral, which entitles you to up to 65% of the car’s current resale value.  This is far more than what a payday lender hands out at significantly higher interest rates.


Interest rates charged by Big Car Title Loans San Diego are among the most competitive in the short term loan industry. With rates hovering below 35% APR, a customer gets quick access to a loan that is low risk and affordable.  The vehicle remains in the exclusive custody of the borrower for the duration of the loan.

What makes car title loans so superior is the customer friendly repayment schedule and the sheer flexibility of the repayment program. A client does not have to strain his finances to repay a car equity loan because the installments are matched to his actual income. This lays the groundwork for a default-free repayment path. In fact, what differentiates the car title loan from many of its competitors is the fact that customers invariably return to obtain new loans after promptly repaying their existing loan.

The real advantage of a car title loan, is its availability. If the chips are down and you need cash immediately to finance an urgent demand, a title loan will be there to lend you a helping hand and quick cash. It takes all of fifteen minutes to apply and all you need to bring is very basic documents that are always nearby – your driver’s license, proof of residence, proof of income and your lien-free car title.

The process of approving the loan on title of car San Diego is quick and simple. Most people have the cash in their hands within 24 hours.  So if you’re in need of quick cash to solve a financial emergency, contact Big Car Title Loans San Diego, right away!

Get Help From Big Car Title Loans San Diego

Big Car Title Loans San Diego Has Helped Many Consumers Overcome Their Financial Crisis

Desperation might leave you looking for a fast cash solution in the case of an emergency financial situation. Most people want to avoid banks because they typically make it pretty tough on customers to qualify for their loans. This often leaves borrowers at the mercy of  lenders that fleece them with high interest rates and fees. Pay day loans and personal loans also specify tighter repayment plans that leave very little cushion for borrowers who are already struggling with their repayment commitments. Big Car Title Loans San Diego presents an instant solution that overcomes any banker’s delay and ensures that cash reaches the loan applicant in record time. There are fewer formalities and fewer rules to comply with.

Car title loans are quick and efficient and do not suck you into the vortex of complicated rules and regulations that most average people find it difficult to comply with. If you have your car registration papers that show you are the true owner of the car, and you can produce some proof of income, then you are well on your way to securing the car equity loan. These are loans that stand by you in all emergency situations and eliminate the need to apply for costly loans like payday loans and personal loans.


Simply visit the title loan website and fill out the form at the top of the page. Then a title loan professional will call you back to get started. You may be required to drive your car to our local title loan store, but that is merely for figuring the vehicle’s current resale value. Once the car value is determined it is easy for the title lender to decide the loan amount. Often the disbursement of cash takes around 24 hours.

The problems in approaching a banker become apparent the moment you enter the bank’s premises. You need an exceptional track record of good credit to access bank loans and many people automatically get rejected when they carry a bad credit history. This problem is avoided with car title loans because we don’t worry about your past financial mistakes. The only requirement is that you posess the income necessary to repay the loan comfortably.

These are the basic formalities to apply for a car title loan:

1. Present your driver’s license, proof of income, proof of insurance and car registration and title.

2. Ensure your car is registered to the local DMV and it does not carry the burden of any past liens or loans. If there is a slight balance pending against the car it would be wise of you to eliminate the dues altogether or ask the title lender to merge the old and new loans.

Interest rates rarely exceed 25% APR, which ensures that car title loans remain the most cost effective option for financing to take care of your emergency needs. These rates are far better than the sky high rates that payday lenders charge to shell out smaller loans with quicker repayment deadlines, leaving you little space to breathe. Another advantage is the total amount you are able to borrow. Title loans extend loans up to 70% of the current resale value of the customer’s car. You won’t find pawn lenders shelling out more than 21% of the value of the items used as collateral. That instantly puts car title loans on a higher pedestal as a reliable quick cash sources.

If you are in the middle of an emergency situation, don’t hesitate to contact Big Car Title Loans San Diego to help you get back on your feet.

Loans on Titles San Diego help

The loans on titles San Diego help when cash resources are crushed

If you examine the anatomy of any financial emergency you will understand that all it takes to worm out of an emergency is to access cash quickly without much dislocation to your personal finance. But does every person enjoy the luxury of a well-stocked emergency cash savings fund in his bank? As per surveys the average American is pretty ill equipped when it comes to growing bank savings. This leaves a huge cross section of customers open to the debilitating effects of cash shortages. They may have no other option but to access money from sources that promise instant cash. When external borrowing becomes necessary it is all the more important to ensure that the funds are affordable. The loans on titles San Diego ensure that any customer can access low cost and affordable finance to combat any emergency need. In fact, the easily accessible car equity loan makes sure that no customer is turned away if he expresses a genuine need for funding in an emergency.

All you need to do is browse the web pages of the title lender and locate a title loan store in your jurisdiction. The website instant quote tool allows you to assess how much you can borrow, and you also know instantly whether or not you are eligible for the title loan. Delays are eliminated at the source and no customer is made to wait for ages to avail the loans on titles San Diego. Contrast this quick loan approval system to the endless delays that plague the banking system and realize how superior title loans are to bank loans.


Again, if you thought that you can avail only small loans through a car equity loan you are sorely mistaken. The loans on titles San Diego approve larger loans aggregating $25,000 if the value of the car is assessed to be high. This reiterates a unique feature of car title loans – the title loan is linked to the resale value of the car and the lender has no hesitation in extending finance up to 65% of the car value. The same car acts as collateral for the auto collateral loan and the borrower doesn’t have to run around gathering references or submitting additional collateral to secure the loan.

For becoming eligible for the loans on titles San Diego you have to be eighteen or above that age, possess a car that you own exclusive title to, and have a steady income that can be leveraged to repay the loan promptly. The car registration document, auto insurance policy, income and residence proofs are all that will be required to expedite a car title loan approval. You can submit the papers directly to the title lender or have copies faxed to the lender to get instant approvals. If for any reason a personal visit to the title loan is not possible the title lender can arrange for a customer care executive to attend to you at your home or office.

Being customer friendly is the main USP of the loans on titles San Diego and no stones are left unturned to facilitate instant cash loans to cash starved people with bare minimum formalities. Customers are generally happier availing the car title loans because of lower and more reasonable interest rates that do not compromise the customer’s finances. Rates are comfortably within affordable 30% APRs, an indication that the customer will not struggle with a rapidly inflating loan outstanding as in a payday loan. Title loans are way friendlier than payday loans that deliver cash instantly but squeeze exorbitant interest out of the borrower in stages as rates climb beyond 300% APR.

Customers are not complaining because the loans on titles San Diego offer the best and most flexible repayment programs in the market.

When banks say no and your resources run dry it could be the best moment to access the cash loan for title. The loans on titles San Diego effectively meet all your cash problems guaranteeing safety, security and dependability. If you are eager to fulfill your cash demand, your best option is San Diego (CA). Access a world of customer friendly title loans that deliver cash in a time span less than 15 minutes, and get loans approved regardless of a poor credit background.

Why car title loans in san diego are better than bank loans?

car title loans san diegoFinancial institutions have earned their fair share of notoriety for denying loans to disadvantaged sections of society such as those with poor or strained credit reports and low scores, and the tightening of norms has made the situation worse. But when an emergency looms and finances are strained car title loans in san diego are proving to be the ideal panacea for every crisis that strikes the domestic world.

Short term lending was till recently in the grip of unscrupulous loan sharks and pawnbrokers and pay day lenders that were charging rates often exceeding 300%. But car title loans in san diego have turned the tables offering short term finance packaged with attractive rates and flexible payment programs.

The new generation of cash loans for title are levying not more than 20% APR and these loans are far superior to even bank loans that are inflexible and rigid. There are many factors that have come into play that have improved the popularity of car title loans.

  • Bankers often take a dim view of a poor credit record and are unwilling to take the risk of lending to people that are perceived as a poor financial risk, whereas car title loans in san diego welcome poor credit customers as diligently as they welcome good credit customers, and all people are extended a level playing field for availing much needed finance.
  • Banks make a fetish of examining the financial statements of consumers and make no bones about scrutinizing the past financial dealings of consumers in order to form a clear view of their financial status. In contrast car title loans in san diego are in a position to extend finance without going into the past financial performance of consumers. Customers do not feel harassed and their privacy is protected by car title lenders.
  • In car title loans only a charge is created on the vehicle in the records of the DMV and that is considered as sufficient to extend finance; no background checks are necessary and no other financial records are insisted upon.
  • Banks often insist on taking on more collateral security such as a home or other property, whereas with a car title loans in san diego all that you have to submit as security is the charge on your vehicle, and moreover one gets to retain one’s car keys and use the car during the tenure of the loan. Hence car title loans are safer and more secure for the borrower than bank loans.
  • Bank loans typically run repayment programs running into a number of years; often three years or more and this creates an additional repayment burden for consumers by way of interest alone. Car title loans can be repaid in a shorter timeframe and do not pose any threat to the borrower.
  • If a borrower defaults on a bank loan the chances are that he stands to forfeit his home or more valuable security, but in car equity loans the chances of forfeiting a car is very small as the quantum of loan is smaller and can be repaid without strain.

It can be stated without the shred of doubt that car title loans in san diego offer a win-win situation for people as the relationship between borrower and lender is not coercive and terms and conditions of the loan are more favorable to the borrower.

car title loans san diegoThere are many other factors that favor car title loans in san diego as the following assessment will reveal:

  • The humble car title loan offers a flexible repayment program and can be matched to the repaying capacity of the borrower, whether high or low.
  • Few people realize that banks end up taking back a huge chunk as interest over a longer repayment period, whereas car title loans keep loan repayment periods shorter and simpler, and do not burden the borrower.
  • Banks tend to encourage long term lending with heavy collateral security whereas car title loans keep tenures shorter and security simpler such as the charge on one’s vehicle.

If you happen to be facing an emergency situation you will need money quickly. For satisfying your immediate requirement for cash the best place to get car title loans in san diego is The company enjoys an awesome reputation for providing cash loans for title within 15 minutes for any client fulfilling simple eligibility norms, and loans are extended regardless of poor credit.

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